Glen Velez Signature Shakers
“I am very pleased to introduce this new shaker which I have used with great results in a variety of musical settings. It has proven wonderfully useful to me for recording projects, live in concert playing and jamming with ensembles of all types.  I used a systematic process of trial and error to create a well balanced, crisp sounding versatile instrument. I feel every percussionist will enjoy this addition to their percussion pallet.”
Velez Signature Caxixi Shaker

Glen Velez Signature Caxixi
These Glen Velez Signature Caxixi possess a unique sound and feel. Handmade with expert care in Japan I am convinced of their great potential in enhancing any kind of music. In addition they have a great look and the compact size makes them an ideal travel companion. Highly recommended for live performance, Music Therapy Work and recording situations.

$30 each or $50 for a pair


Theta Shakers Theta Shakers
Signature Shakers made by Out of the Drawer Percussion
These shakers were developed for use in quiet settings. They have a very smooth and subtle sound, allowing for integration with instruments like guitar, harp or voice. Also I intend these for use in sound healing, to facilitate exploring body energy and the space around the body, using the style developed in my Shaker Manuals. $50 for the pair