Handance Ensemble
Glen Velez

Doctrine of Signatures


Glen Velez, Frame Drums, Mbira, Voice, Overtones, Riq
Yousif Sheronick, Frame Drums, Voice, Riq
Shane Shanahan, Frame Drums, Voice, Riq

Sample Program

Snake Eyes / Cooperman Bodhran

Seven Heaven / Buzz Sticks, Mbira, Voice

Doctrine of Signatures / Cooperman Tars, Shakers, Drum Language, Overtone Singing, Riq

Doctrine of Signatures was composed by Glen Velez in 1989. This piece uses the theme ”opposites attract.” Frame drums, synchronized movements and vocal cues trigger complimentary rhythms in a magnetic balance of opposites. In 1989 a performance of Doctrine inspired the legendary composer John Cage to write a solo piece especially for Glen. Doctrine is an evolving piece and continues to challenge musicians to go beyond their limits and venture deeper into the spirituality of rhythm.

All compositions by Glen Velez, Framedrum Music BMI 

Handance Workshop 2022

The Handance workshop is a full body experience aiming to increase our sensitivity and awareness of rhythm. This progressive and energetic style of learning has several key elements/

First we develop the connection between the body and the pulse by using clapping and stepping, going from basic rhythms to polyrhythmic interactions.

The second element is drum language. Synchronizing the stepping with our voice, we immediately embrace a heightened feeling of rhythmic intensity. Using the voice takes advantage of our highly developed syllabic memory and breathe facility, expertise we have gained from our everyday use of language.

The third key element is gesture. Simple gestures connect our emotional expression to our feeling of pulse flow. Gesture opens the door to communication and empathy, qualities which enhance our appreciation of an emerging human rhythmic community.

Rhythm is an all encompassing factor in our lives, from our heartbeat to our navigation of physical space, our movement from place to place. Focusing our attention on the basic interaction between rhythm and pulse will have a profound and uplifting effect on any artistic endeavor.

During this workshop, time is set aside for Q&A as well as a short history of the frame drum, a drum whose history spans 5000 years.

Glen Velez Handance Ensemble continues a 40 year tradition of using these concepts to explore, evolve and deepen our awareness of the power of rhythm.