Glen Velez is excited about the completion of these new books, covering the essential techniques of Tar, Bodhran, and Shakers. They give beginning and advanced students a complete array of exercises and ways to develop the hand movements and sounds which comprise Glen’s approach to these instruments.
10 TAR Solos for Frame Drumming 10 TAR SOLOS for Frame Drumming
NEW This new book includes 10 original solos intended to help the Tar student achieve master while emphasizing stamina and technical fluency. $40

11 Tar Solos: Frame Drumming 11 TAR SOLOS for Frame Drumming
These new solos follow the techniques presented in Tar Manual Vol.1, giving the beginning player musical drumming pieces for practise or performance. $40

Mediterrasian Tambourine Manual Vol. 1 Mediterrasian Tambourine Manual Vol. 1
This book details the sounds and strokes of my tambourine playing. Over the last 30 years I have developed a style using a wide assortment of world tambourine techniques. The result is a revelation to the many people unfamiliar with the tambourines expressive possibilities. Here is a systematic way to practice and enhance any players hand drumming expertise, while gaining a dynamic new rhythmic and sonic palette. Numerous exercises and visual examples give the student a years worth of material to work on. $40

Mediterrasian Tambourine Manual Vol. 2 Mediterrasian Tambourine Manual Vol. 2
This book introduces playing new techniques, rhythms and sounds generated by this creative style of tambourine playing. With systematic exercises and longer phrase lengths, this Volume builds on the playing ideas of Volume 1, showing the versatility and expressive possibilities of the style. $40

13 Solos for Mediterrasian Tambourine 13 SOLOS for Mediterrasian Tambourine
These new solos are meant to integrate the techniques and styles found in the instruction manual, Mediterrasian Tambourine Manual Vol. 1. They can be approached as etudes or as solo performance material. Each solo strives to give a thorough investigation into the various techniques while providing a satisfying musical and rhythmic journey. $40

Bodhran Manual, vol 1 Bodhran Manual Vol. 1: Introduction
Frame drumming – On the knee position – shows clearly how to hold the instrument and how to produce Dum’s, Pa Dum’s, Kitataka’s and Snapping. Includes several performance quality solos which provide in depth work on flow and stamina. $40

Bodhran Manual Volume 2 Bodhran Manual Vol. 2: Snapping
Snapping – Frame drumming – On the knee position – Focuses on developing fluency and stamina using snapping either hand. Covers 1-4 snaps, with a years worth of technical exercises. $40

 Cover of Bodhran Manual, Vol 3 Bodhran Manual Vol. 3: Ki Ta Ta Ka’s
Frame Drumming – On The Knee Position – This volume in the series provides detailed instructions on the KTTK stroke, one of the most important hand movements in Glens style. 25 pages of exercises to master this stroking. $40

 Cover of Bodhran Manual, vol 4 Bodhran Manual Vol. 4: Snap – KiTa – Pa
Frame Drumming – On The Knee Position – This 4th volume explores the many combinations possible using all the techniques from Vol.’s 1-3. By focusing on the transitions from one technique to another Glen has created a book filled with useful ways to generate grooves and manifest your own personal style. $40

 Cover of Bodhran Manual, 13 solos 13 Solos for Bodhran
Using ideas from Bodhran Manuals vol. 1 and 2, this book incorporates the techniques into etudes or solos which are suitable for performing. The solos follow the progression of challenges found in the manuals. These compositions allow you to expand the number of repetitions, explore different tempos, as well as adapt the fingerings to individual taste. $40

OVERTONES The Magical World of Overtone Singing OVERTONES: The Magical World of Overtone Singing
For 30 years, Glen has been teaching and developing his method of producing vocal overtones. This book is a user-friendly introduction of his methods designed to help anyone begin to produce these mystical sounds. $40

 Cover of Shaker Manual, vol 1 Shaker Instructional Manual, Vol 1
Shakers Instructional Manual – The first book of its kind, showing a unique style of shaker playing which Glen has developed and used in many musical settings over the last 20 years. $40

 Cover of Shaker Manual, vol 2 Shaker Instructional Manual, Vol 2
This vol. explores the many combinations possible with the techniques developed in vol. 1. Rhythmic ideas applied to shakers include paradiddles , single and double strokes and Left/Right independence. $40

Tar-Manual-Cover-Vol1 Tar Manual, Vol. 1: Frame Drumming
In this revised version of the Tar Manual, I cover all the basic stokes and holding positions. All the principle sound combinations are explored using a wide variety of rhythms including Arabic traditional rhythms. $40

Tar-Manual-Cover-Vol2 Tar Manual, Vol. 2: Frame Drumming
Building on the material from vol. 1, this vol. takes an expanded look at the techniques available on the Tar, including various fast fingerings for Taks and Pas, finger strengthening exercises and soloing ideas. Enough material for a year of work. $40

Handance Workbook Handance Workbook
including Cueing and Performance Guide
A hands-on workbook written by Glen Velez serves as a manual for those interested in learning how to play the frame drum. The Handance Workbook is a 60-page exploration of frame drum exercises with a focus on the relationship of drum, voice, and body movement. The book includes:

  • Voice Warm-ups
  • Voice and Walking
  • Voice and Drum
  • Voice, Drum and Walking

“The Cueing and Performance Guide” is now included as a supplement to Glen’s Handance Workbook. The 22-page supplement is a step-by-step guide to creating a performance of group frame drumming using the material from the Handance Workbook. $60

Handance Duets For Frame Drums Handance Duets for Frame Drums
Handance Duets for Frame Drums—tar, riq, and bodhran (Framedrum Music) contains 14 original duets composed by Glen Velez in a question and answer format. Each piece is three to six minutes in length and is suitable for beginner and intermediate levels. The compositions are notated in a non-Western rhythmic syllable notation, which is explained in the introductory notes. Much of the tar and riq material used here relates to work presented in the Handance Method Workbook.$40