Handance Workbook Handance Workbook
including Cueing and Performance Guide
A new hands-on workbook written by Glen Velez serves as a manual for those interested in learning how to play the frame drum. The Handance Workbook is a 60-page exploration of frame drum exercises with a focus on the relationship of drum, voice, and body movement.

The book includes:
Voice Warm-ups
Voice and Walking
Voice and Drum
Voice, Drum and Walking

“The Cueing and Performance Guide” is now included as a supplement to Glen’s Handance Workbook. The 22-page supplement is a step-by-step guide to creating a performance of group frame drumming using the material from the Handance Workbook.


Handance Duets For Frame Drums Handance Duets for Frame Drums
Handance Duets for Frame Drums—tar, riq, and bodhran (Framedrum Music) contains 14 original duets composed by Glen Velez in a question and answer format. Each piece is three to six minutes in length and is suitable for beginner and intermediate levels. The compositions are notated in a non-Western rhythmic syllable notation, which is explained in the introductory notes. Much of the tar and riq material used here relates to work presented in the Handance Method Workbook.


Glen Velez is excited about the completion of these new books, covering the essential techniques of Tar, Bodhran and Shakers. They give beginning and advanced students a complete array of exercises and ways to develop the hand movements and sounds which comprise Glen’s approach to these instruments.

Bodhran Instructional Bodhran Instructional Manual
Bodhran Instructional Manual – shows clearly how to hold the instrument and how to produce Dum’s, Pa Dum’s, Kitataka’s and Snapping. Includes several performance quality solos which provide in depth work on flow and stamina.


Tar Instructional Tar Instructional Manual
Guides the students thru all the stages of holding and playing the Tar drum. Sequences of material which develop the techniques Glen has used over the years on Tar, including tone production, basic sounds, flourishes and Arabic rhythms


Shaker Instructional Shaker Instructional Manual
Shakers Instructional Manual – The first book of its kind, showing a unique style of shaker playing which Glen has developed and used in many musical settings over the last 20 years.


Tamburello Tamburello Instructional Book

This new book for tamburello provides an introduction for left hand holding, right hand techniques, accents, rhythm cycles, and cross-cultural adaptations for the South Italian tambourine.


Tamburello Italiano II Tamburello Italiano
(The Italian Tamburello)
by Andrea Piccioni

A comprehensive introduction to the South Italian style of playing Tambourine. Includes clear and thorough historical and technical information.

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Riq Instructional DVD Riq Instructional DVD
Riq: Basics of the Middle Eastern Tambourine
by Yousif Sheronick

Yousif Sheronick guides you from the basics of holding the Riq all the way through playing and embellishing traditional Middle Eastern Rhythms in both Cabaret and Soft positions. Included are technique exercises to develop your tones and build your strength, as well as two spectacular solos played by Sheronick on this amazingly versatile instrument. The accompanying book includes a comprehensive collection of over 50 Middle Eastern Rhythms (many with multiple embellishments) and a scene layout of the DVD. accompanying book includes a comprehensive collection of over 50 Middle Eastern Rhythms (many with multiple embellishments) and a scene layout of the DVD.